Part of our funding comes from individuals that choose to sponsor a child to attend our school. With our child sponsorship program, individuals choose to sponsor a child at a cost of $30/month.  This amount is just over the cost of one child attending school.  While in some ways it makes sense that the child chosen would be guaranteed schooling, we have found that this makes it almost like a lottery for the children to attend so we have organized the program a little differently.  When you sponsor a child, the money is actually divided among all the children coming to school.  This reduces the cost for every child/family. Please help us make it possible for children to come to school here.  We are extremely low on sponsorships right now, partly due to the website being down for an extended period of time.

 Many families choose to send their children to SonLight's school because not only is the school in full compliance with government requirements(which allows the children the opportunity to go on for further education) but our school is among the highest achieving schools in Haiti.  Sponsorship is only $1.00 per day and covers the cost of one child.

 Please return to our home page to make a donation.  If you would like to join our sponsorship program, or would like to find out other ways you can get involved, please go to the contact us and section and send a message.