Board Members

Loren and Sharon Roggie

Nelson and Mary Roes

Danny and Yvonne Roes

Simon and Diane Gingerich

Titus and Delores Mast

Jared and Shellie Zehr

Delvin and Sharon Lehman

John and Mary Lyndaker


Our Mission

SonLight Missions was established for two primary reasons:

     *To spread the Gospel message

     *To improve life for the people of the LaColline Valley in Haiti


Our History

 Matthew 16:18- “Upon this Rock I will build My Church.”

Because Jesus Christ is the Founder and the Foundation of the Church, and because He has commissioned every one of us to take the gospel to the nations, in 1970 Nelson Roes and I travelled to Haiti. From that initial trip, a five-man board of directors was established two years later, forming Son Light Missions.
In 1984 we relocated the mission to LaColline, Haiti, where there was a huge physical and spiritual need.
Our first church service was held in the porch of the ministry house we had built. Rev. Elmer Moser was present at that service.  
The mission has continued to grow and expand in the past 48 years to include 3 churches, a cannery, our own shop, a school, feeding program, and a hospital.

Submitted by Simon Gingerich